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24/7 Emergency Air-conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration & Electrical Repair Service

Do you need 24 hour emergency air conditioning or refrigeration break down service in Melbourne VIC, Perth WA or Port Moresby Papua New Guinea?  

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Save up to 30% - Save Energy, Save Money

We promote the use of energy efficient and cost saving air-conditioning & HVAC technologies and parts like washable reusable filters, and control systems that can identfy problems before your costs increase.

What's more, PSG offers affordable fixed rate service contracts to all customers that are up to 30% cheaper than our competitors’ best offer!

PSG Facility Services is your first choice for Commercial Refrigeration in Melbourne VIC and Perth WA.  Our experienced refrigeration mechanics (Woolworths/IGA) are highly skilled and efficient.

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PSG Facility Services focus is on providing best life cycle cost solutions benefits both our Melbourne & Perth based customers and the environment. Our solutions can be used in applications including commercial refrigeration, process cooling, process heating, IT cooling and HVAC

From advice on engineering, to the installation and maintenance of industrial cooling and commercial refrigeration systems, we can take care of all your commercial refrigeration needs.

When it comes to repairs, think of your commercial refrigerator like you would your car. Imagine the compressor in a cooler is like an engine in a vehicle. If the compressor goes bad and is replaced you get a new compressor, not a whole new cooler. The same way the garage doesn’t tell you to get a new car just because you need a bit of engine work. In other words, all the other components including coils, fans, controls, piping, and gaskets (door seals) are still old. This is similar to an engine in a car going bad and being replaced. You end up with a new engine in an old car.
There are a few of key factors to consider when trying to decide whether to replace the whole commercial cooler or just a part of it when an expensive major repair is presented to you.
How old is the cooler? If older than 10 years it is advisable to price out a new one. It is likely not very energy efficient and has other parts in bad condition.
What kind of refrigerant is used in the cooler? If the answer is R12, R502, or R22, consider pricing out a new cooler. R12 and R502 have been banned by the EPA for years and R22 is currently being phased out by the EPA.
What is the overall condition of the cooler? Check door seals, hinges, floor in cooler, coils, and fans. If everything looks like it’s falling apart, it may be time to price out a new cooler. You may be wasting electricity (and money) by running a cooler in this condition, so will likely see refrigeration energy savings by purchasing a replacement.
If your commercial cooler is still fairly new, uses a refrigerant that is not phased out, and is in overall good condition, you may come out ahead by just repairing the part that has failed.


We offer Scheduled Maintenance, Breakdown and Installation Services for:

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All works performed by PSG Facility Services is to O.H.&S. Standards
 and ISO 9001:2000.

Melbourne & Perth Commercial Refrigeration Energy Saving Checklist

  • Keep condenser coils clean & de grease if necessary. Have the coils inspected once a month or more.
  • Make sure door gaskets (seals) are in good condition & working properly.
  • If refrigeration unit is equipped with automatic door closers make sure they operate properly.
  • Keep commercial ice machines clean & have them serviced at least twice a year. 

The photographs on this page are from the installation of a Chiller at Daisy's Hotel in Ringwood.  The Daikin chiller unit is an air cooled chiller with R134a inverter driven screw compressor (170 kWr - 710 kWr), and features quiet operation, compact design and an inverter that is integral to the compressor body.

Daikin air cooled chillers have been the choice for system designers who are focused on simplicity and low cost.  A system based on air-cooled chiller usually is less expensive to install and easier to maintain then other types, such as water-cooled systems.
Daikin makes a complete line of air-cooled chillers with a variety of compressor types, to match both your application and budget.  Sizes range from 35 kW to 2000 kW. Large air-cooled chillers provide an economical means to produce chilled water without the requirement for a cooling tower, avoiding additional system complexity and maintenance.
Choose a quiet, efficient, reliable Daikin air-cooled chiller, installed and maintained by PSG Facility Services to get the best chiller for your application.  

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