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Quality - It's in our DNA

Don't take a chance, always choose a Master Plumber.

Master Plumbers, like PSG Facility Services, are bound by a code of ethics, insured for six years, licensed and registered, highly trained, quality tradesmen and backed by the industry’s largest plumbing associatio.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Our Quality Policy

Mechanical Services Plumber and Electrical Contractor 

We’re always looking to deliver solutions and mechanical services that improve the experience of our air-conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and service clients, partners and employees, while staying consistent with our proposals, contracts and agreed commitments.
It is the policy of PSG Facility Services to:
  • Develop a full understanding of the needs of our mechanical services and electrical customers;
  • Work in close co-operation with mechanical services and electrical clients, suppliers, governing bodies, partners and employees to provide quality work and service, first time.
  • Actively seek mechanical services and electrical client feedback and to use this as a basis for continuous improvement

Achievement of these policy aims involves working to the highest levels of service that is expected by our clients, resulting in a continually improving work environment for all mechanical services and electrical stakeholders.  PSG Facility Servics is fully committed to delivering the objectives of this Quality Policy within all of its mechanical services and electrical contractor work.

PSG Facility Services open book apporach is to listen to our clients and to ascertain the specific requirements of each and every mechanical services and electrcial contract.

Our Quality Objectives

Our Quality Management System sets out to:
  • Ensure client satisfaction and build relationships by continually meeting or exceeding agreed requirements.
  • Consistently deliver quality services and products to our clients by ensuring competent resources and fit-for-purpose systems and processes.
  • Sustain and improve the competitiveness of the organisation by developing our people and continually improving our processes, systems and work practices.

A journey of continual improvement

Our Mechanical services and Electrical contractor QMS is audited on a six monthly cycle by a robust program of internal audits to continually verify, refine and improve our quality practices.
Our program includes regular reviews conducted by our Executive Team, who look at QMS performance and compliance data and make recommendations for improvements, as well as ongoing feedback from our clients and staff.
All insights and issues from audits, reviews, feedback and other sources are managed through our Quality Issues Register to ensure they’re leveraged effectively in the continual improvement of our systems and service delivery.

Our Delivery Assurance Framework for Mechanical Services & Electrical Contracting

At the heart of our Delivery Assurance Process lies our National Delivery Assurance framework, which involves reporting into a monthly Delivery Dashboard, reviewed by our Executive Team, as well as Project Reviews and Project Health Checks.
The process ensures cost-effective and timely project and service delivery – within the schedule, budget, scope and quality criteria agreed with clients – in a number of ways. Firstly, by ensuring all controls, monitoring and metrics are in place for every engagement. But also by providing a uniform, transparent and collaborative framework for delivery, status reporting and issue resolution.

Providing excellence by safeguarding quality in Mechanical Services & Electrical Contracting

From our Delivery Assurance Process to the systems that ensure excellence in talent recruitment and placement, quality is central to our culture and all the services we provide for our clients.