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Our Values

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Supporting Our Community

We believe in giving back to our community.


Company Values

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Commitment

A copy of our Code of Conduct can be found here

Financial support

We provide assist through financial support, in-kind donations and/or deliver our services on cost recovery basis to:

  • RSPCA Victoria
  • Furlong Park School for the Deaf
  • Northern Health Foundation
  • South Melbourne Cycling Club


Our staff are encouraged and supported to undertake volunteer work with not-for-profit organisations like Rotary International, RSPCA and Northern Health.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PSG has established a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which demonstrates our continuing commitment to behave ethically in all aspects of our day to day business operations. As a company we will add value to our employees, the local community and society as a whole, while contributing to local economic development.  
We will achieve corporate social responsibility by adopting practices that ensure the PSG Group operates in ways that meet, or exceed, ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations.
Corporate social responsibility shall engage all stakeholders in our business and will include strategies to make socially responsible decisions, conform to high standards of ethical behaviour and comply with all relevant legislative requirements.  All levels of our company are engaged in delivering positive social outcomes.  PSG’s Director, Paul Simmons has experience as a volunteer Director on the Board of a Disability Services Provider in order to transfer his business and management experience to the Not-for-profit organisation.  He is acutely aware of the disadvantages faced by disabled members of the community who would dearly love an opportunity to gain meaningful employment.
PSG Group defines our corporate social responsibility in three key areas:
PSG Group is committed to improving our employee’s general health and well-being, thus augmenting our staff’s overall performance and productivity.
PSG Group values the importance of minimising our environmental impact.  We have developed an Environmental Management Policy which describes our initiatives to reduce consumption of resources and make use of recycling initiatives wherever possible.  PSG Facility Services complies with all relevant environmental regulatory requirements.
PSG Group contributes to local communities by supporting charity organisations such as:
the RSPCA, in Burwood and Melbourne (through our related company Just Traffic);
the Ice Cream Truck of Love (an initiative supporting Gay & Lesbian rights) Australia wide; and
Furlong Park School for Deaf Children in Sunshine North

Indigenous Employment Strategy

PSG’s Indigenous Employment Strategy (the IES) aims to develop and deliver increased employment opportunities in Papua New Guinea for indigenous workers.

The Strategy also acknowledges that through improved engagement with indigenous communities and the provision of culturally safe and respectful workplaces, sustainable employment outcomes for Indigenous people can be achieved.

The key objectives of this strategy are:

·         improved accessibility leading to an increased Indigenous workforce;

·         an increased knowledge and appreciation of Indigenous culture across the organisation;

·         and improved relationships with external Indigenous organisations and local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This Strategy provides clear and measurable actions to address these objectives.

While the Strategy focuses predominantly on creating direct employment opportunities for Indigenous people, the Company recognises the increasing potential to engage with Indigenous owned and operated businesses to provide sub-contracting services, where appropriate.

We also recognise that commercial engagement of Indigenous business can lead to increased employment opportunities for Indigenous people within those businesses.

PSG understands that through increased employment and economic development opportunities local people, families and communities will experience improved social and economic outcomes.