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Health & Safety

Master Electricians Safety Connect

Safety is our Number 1 Priority

  • Safety comes first in everything that we do in electrical contracting and mechanical services.

That is why PSG is a member of the Master Electricians Australia. Master Electricians have developed a sophisticated electrical safety management system for Australian electrical contractors, referencing Quality Assurance standards HSEQ ISO 9001.

This system, known as Safety Connect, ensures that PSG Facility Services meets all obligations under the all national safety schemes.

The company’s mechanical services and electrical contractor operations are managed by a cloud based job & OHSE Management systems. This has integrated Australian Standards, safety procedures, SWMS (safe work method statements) & MSDS (material safety data sheets), job specific photographs and technical specification information. This essential information is constantly available to our mechanical engineers and electricians via mobile devices.

These health & safety systems ultimately provide protection to you, our client and our team.

The electrical installation industry is one of the most dangerous. The implementation of Safety Connect’s Safety Management Manual ensures health & safety compliancy to the highest standard across our electrical and mechanical services operations. This system is managed by continued monitoring from Safety Connect, with regular supervised training, monthly safety meeting, annual safety and quality audits. 

PSG Facility Services ensures our clients’ work is of the highest possible standard in Australia under the national safety scheme.

Mechanical Services & Electrical Contractor Safety Manual

Our OHS Policy and Procedures Manual contains all the procedures for safe work. We have developed our OHS Policy and have planned how our OHSMS is going to work.

We have implemented a safety system through communication and instruction so that everyone in the workplace knows what is expected of them.

We regularly evaluate our mechanical services & electrical contractor OHSMS performance through our Quarterly OHS Systems and Documentation Reviews.

Our Management reviews our mechanical services & electrical contractor OHSMS after the results of each Quarterly OHS Systems and Documentation Reviews by examining the results of the review, and review of the Tasks (Tasks and Risk Assessments), and by liaising with Workers (at regular meetings) to provide a clearer picture on how we can improve our performance.

Finally, our OHSMS Plan is the order by which we will carry out first implementing our policies, then reviewing, maintaining, and improving mechanical services and electrical contractor OHS within our workplace.

OHSE Values & Objectives for Mechanical Services & Electrical Contracting

We strive to exceed all customer, Workers and company expectations.

Our OHSE values are:
  • To strive to provide a work environment where Worker safety and well-being are paramount
  • To establish and maintain open communication, respecting confidentiality where appropriate and when requested
  • To recognise the achievements of Workers and let them know when they have performed well
  • To conduct all relations with Workers in a fair and respectful manner
  • To be honest
  • To be flexible

OHSE Objectives

Our workplace will:

  • Provide safe plant and systems of work
  • Provide written procedures and instructions that ensure safe systems of work
  • Ensure compliance with all OHS legislation and current industry standards
  • Provide training, information, instruction, and supervision to all Workers, contractors, visitors and customers to ensure their health and safety
  • Provide assistance and ongoing support to Workers regarding OHS




All management and Workers know their OHS responsibilities and conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner

The OHSMS is monitored regularly for improvement. The Workers are familiar with the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Independent audits and/or Quarterly Reviews reveal that the OHSMS is fully functional and working effectively to ensure the health and safety of all in the workplace.

OHS–related Training is a priority issue and training needs are effectively identified

Training needs and requirements are known, training is quickly booked and conducted, training records are well kept.

Independent audits and/or Quarterly Reviews reveal that training records are comprehensive and training needs are quickly addressed.

Continued clear record for all incidents not involving members of the public.

No reports of accidents as a result of Manual Handling, Burns, Slips, trips or falls.

No accidents have occurred of this type.

Contractors possess minimum OHS documentation requirements

All contractors provide safe work statements and/or OHS policy and procedures to head office.

Independent audits and/or Quarterly Reviews reveal this documentation kept at head office or at workplace.