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Daikin Heating & Cooling Guide

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Heating & Cooling Guide

When heating and cooling your home, business, restaurant or office, choosing the right air conditioner can be confusing. This guide will help answer any queries you may have when choosing the system that’s right for you. Also remember your Daikin Specialist Dealer is here to help; they are air conditioning experts with the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right air conditioning system for your home.

Basic principles of reverse cycle air conditioning
Basic Principles of Reverse Cycling Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioners can heat as well as cool your home. In fact, a Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner, planned and installed by a Daikin Specialist Dealer, is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home using electricity.


Warm in winter
Warm In Winter

A Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner absorbs heat from the outdoor air to warm the air inside; a more energy efficient heating technique than other, conventional heaters which have to ‘create’ heat energy.  

Built with cold conditions in mind, Daikin air conditioners have an automatic defrost cycle for more effective operation. Even when the mercury drops as low as minus 10ºC, your Daikin can still heat your home.

Cool in summer
Cool in Summer

A Daikin air conditioner absorbs heat from the inside air and dissipates it outside, leaving your home cooler. Advanced technology means your Daikin air conditioner can continue to cool your home in temperatures as high as 46 ºC.

The `Ins And Outs` Of Noise Levels

Temperature is not the only factor that affects comfort.  Your air conditioner's operating noise levels can have a major impact on comfort levels for your family.  Noise from outdoor units located near outdoor entertaining areas, or in close proximity to neighbours should also be considered.

Daikin continues to invest in and develop technology to reduce operating noise across our entire range because we understand that true comfort is more than just climate control.

For an accurate noise level comparison, speak to your Daikin Specialist Dealer.  They can explain the testing process in plain english, including the impact of different operating speeds, and the distance from which air conditioner noise levels should be measured.

The Value Of Professional Installation

Every home is different and so is the optimal air conditioning solution.

Your Daikin Specialist Dealer is an air conditioning expert who can evaluate your needs and advise on the most appropriate air conditioning solution for your home, ensuring that you receive a top quality product that operates effectively and efficiently thanks to top professional installation and support.

Without expert advice you could end up with an air conditioner that compromises both comfort and efficiency.

The Importance Of Energy Efficiency

As electricity prices continue to rise, air conditioner efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to our continuous drive for energy efficiency, Daikin air conditioners with advanced inverter technology, are one of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home using electricity.

Daikin has a complete range of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) compliant ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. This means they fully comply with the standards stipulated under Australian law.

When comparing energy consumption for different air conditioners, remember there are different energy ratings at different heating and cooling outputs. Your Daikin Specialist Dealer can explain what the numbers mean to help you make a fair comparison.

Inverter Technology

Daikin inverter air conditioners use advanced fan motor technology to operate more efficiently than non-inverter models. Unlike a conventional air conditioners' on/off operation, a Daikin inverter air conditioner works like the accelerator of a car, gently adjusting power to reach your desired temperature faster then steadily maintain it without fluctuations, for uninterrupted comfort and more efficient operation.

Daikin inverter air conditioners maintain more even temperatures in your home

Efficient Operation In Extreme Conditions

In extreme climatic conditions the quality of your air conditioner comes to the forefront.

Daikin inverter air conditioners incorporate advanced technology designed to operate reliably and efficiently in even the most extreme temperatures.  They continue to help keep you cool when temperatures soar as high as 46ºC, and warm when temperatures reach as low as minus 10ºC.

Daikin's advanced filters purify the air

Purify The Air

Reverse cycle air conditioning not only cools or warms your home, it can also purify the air inside it.  A quality air conditioner would normally have a built in air-purifying filter that traps fine airborne particles (eg. Smoke particles).  Some air conditioners have air-purifying filters that trap microscopic particles, decompose odours and even absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses.

Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, as well as high levels of seasonal hay fever and other allergies.  This makes an air-purifying capability an important consideration when purchasing an air conditioner.  Daikin is the only split system air conditioner authorised by the National Asthma Council Australia to display the Sensitive Choice butterfly.