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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

PSG Facility Services employ experts in the field of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation, Canopies and Kitchen Hoods.  Our team can service and install all types of commercial kitchen ventilation systems and kitchen canopies to solve your ventilation issues.

In fact, many other air-conditioning and mechanical services companies refer their kitchen extraction clients to PSG for expert advice and service.

Kitchen Extraction Systems

  1. Extract only, traditional kitchen hoods
  2. Extract, induced 3 sided capture steam, supply air and spot coolers
  3. Front extract or front and rear extract with or without supply air and spot coolers
  4. Extract only dishwasher and potwash
  5. Ventilated ceilings with supply air and light modules
  6. Fully self contained extraction systems
  7. Cold water mist canopies
  8. UV options
  9. Baffle filters

Traditional Hoods

  • We supply and install engineered, low velocity kitchen exhaust systems built around a modular system built to your needs.

Steam Capture

  • Superior extraction, plume and particulate capture. 
  • Diffused/filtered make up air and spot coolers
  • Low velocity air rates

Front Extract or Front and Back Extract

  • Maximum extraction performance
  • With or without diffused or filtered make up air and spot coolers
  • For the most demanding cooking environments


  • For all types of condensate requirements including rack and conveyor dishwashers

Ventilated Ceilings

  • Clean line of site
  • Improved fire resistence
  • Supply air and lighting

Fully Self-contained Extraction Systems

  • Complete recirculating kitchen extraction system
  • For light/medium duty kitchens
  • Eliminates the need for external duct work

Cold Mist Canopies

  • Three stages of filtration
  • Ideal for solid fuel appliances
  • Added safety and lower duct temperatures

UV Options

  • UV options for grease destruction
  • UV options for ordour reduction
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Lower maintenance needs

Baffle Filters

  • World-class filtration
  • Flame protection
  • Small particulate capture