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Building Energy Audit VIC & WA

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Building Energy Audit Service in Melbourne, Perth & Port Moresby PNG - save by being energy efficient.  It's easier than you think!

Smart Customers Save up to 30% - Save Energy, Save Money

This service is now available in Papua New Guinea

We promote the use of energy efficient and cost saving air-conditioning & HVAC technologies and parts like washable reusable filters, and control systems that can identfy problems before your energy costs increase.

What's more, PSG offers affordable fixed rate service contracts to all customers that are up to 30% cheaper than our competitors’ best offer!

Air-Conditioning - Did you know?

  • Commercial & Industrial Heating, Ventilation, & ac Air Conditioning (HVAC) in Melbourne & Perth typically accounts for between 25-50 per cent of the total energy costs for businesses and commercial buildings.
  • By reducing draughts via leaks, gaps and cracks, you may save up to 25 per cent of your heating and cooling costs.
  • In summer, increasing the temperature of your air conditioning system by 1°C may reduce energy consumption and your bill by around 10 per cent.
  • By keeping your commercial & industrial Ac air conditioning & HVAC system well maintained, you may save on ac air conditioning operating costs.

Monitoring and reviewing your energy use is a vital step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy wastage and reduce costs. 

A building energy audit is one valuable tool that can assist building managers to conserve energy while improving the level of comfort and service within the building environment.

A comprehensive building energy audit can help to:

  • Increase your returns on investment
  • Reduce carbon emission
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce wear and tear on ac airconditioning units, chillers, and HVAC equipment
  • Identify ac air conditioning units & HVAC systems that are in need of fine tuning and enhancement.  Your existing systems may be working but consuming too much energy due to a minor issue requiring rectification.  For example, dirty filters cause your ac air conditioning system to work harder by using more energy to provide the desired environment
  • Increase your positive cash flow position

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