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24/7 Emergency Air-conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration & Electrical Repair Service

  • Do you need 24 hour emergency AC air conditioning break down service in Sydney, Melbourne (VIC), PNG or Perth (WA)?  

  • Call us on 1300 880 992 - any time for expert help & assistance

  • Our 24/7 air-conditioning hotline is open for all air-conditioning break down & emergency service call outs in Melbourne (VIC), Perth (WA) & Port Moresby (PNG)

Free Carbon Monoxide Testing

We value our customers and want to protect them and their families by identifying deadly carbon moxide caused by gas leaks.  This service is provided free of charge to all of our residential customers all air conditioning service calls.

Join our hundred's of smart customers & Save up to 30% - Save Energy, Save Money

We promote the use of energy efficient and cost saving air-conditioning & HVAC technologies and parts like washable reusable filters, and control systems that can identfy problems before your energy consumption costs increase.

What's more, PSG offers affordable fixed rate service contracts to all customers that are up to 30% cheaper than our competitors’ best offer!

We want to make your life easier!

Do you want:

  • To design an commercial air-conditioning for maximum performance and maximum lifespan?
  • To help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint?
  • Make the people in your building more comfortable and productive?
  • To save money?

PSG Offers honest advice and great service from industry experts.  Give us a call to start the conversation.

Full Service AC Air-conditioning Company for Melbourne & Perth offering:

  • ac maintenance services
  • a c maintenance
  • commercial air conditioning service Melbourne
  • air conditioner installation Perth
  • air conditioning installers Melbourne
  • vrv air-conditioning Perth

Air-conditioning savings: did you know?

  • Commercial & Industrial Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) in Melbourne VIC & Perth WA typically accounts for between 25-50 per cent of the total energy costs for businesses and commercial buildings.

  • By reducing draughts via leaks, gaps and cracks, you may save up to 25 per cent of your heating and cooling costs.

  • In summer, increasing the temperature of your air conditioning system by 1°C may reduce energy consumption and your bill by around 10 per cent.

  • By keeping your commercial & industrial Ac air conditioning & HVAC system well maintained, you may save on ac air conditioning operating costs.

Master Plumber Air-conditioning & HVAC Services:

  • Project Management of commercial air-conditioning design and construct in Melbourne VIC, Perth WA and PNG
  • In-house engineered designed commercial air-conditioning  and chiller systems
  • Install and commission commercial air conditioning and chillers
  • Service and Maintenance of commercial ac air-conditioning and chiller systems
  • Hire portable commercial air conditioner, portable aircon, portable ac
  • Air Filtraition - supply and fit energy efficient & independently European certified air filters
Our commercial & industrial AC air-conditioning systems are designed to meet the requirements of Australian Standards and best practice. Our in-house mechanical engineers design HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning) sysyems based on the principals of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.
PSG Facility Services offers commercial & industrial ac air conditioning supplies, installation, maintenance and repair. With over 40 years in the business of design, service and installation of commercial air conditioning units we are confident that all jobs twe do are done to the best possible standard and will lead to machines lasting longer and working more efficiently.

We offer a wide range of air-conditioners & HVAC systems in Melbourne VIC & Perth WA: 

  • Including air conditioners from trusted brands like Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Yanmar and Samsung
  • VRV and VRF air-conditioning; air and water cooled commercial & industrial ac air conditioning units – (Variable refrigerant volume) multi indoor and out-door systems for hotel, conference centres, restaurants and multi-level buildings.
  • Air and water cooled liquid chiller sets – utilizing reciprocating , screw and centrifugal compressors for Multi - level DX ( Direct expansion ) and chilled water systems for process cooling & multi-level buildings
PSG Facility Services installs the latest commercial & industrial air conditioning technology available from Yanmar, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric.
PSG can help building owners and managers optimise existing commercial & industrial HVAC systems in order to reduce energy costs.  Optimisation includes:
  • The use of control systems to ensure that the right amount of air conditioning is provided when and where it is required
  • Temperature controller thermostats to reduce demand and save energy
  • Streamlined air distribution systems reduce the demand for fan power and HVAC unit capacity.  This reduces running costs and improves indoor comfort.  For example, an increase in a ducts cross sectional area by 15% will reduce the friction rate by 50%, reduce pressure drop contribuited to by the ducts by 50%, reduce overall pressure drop by 40% and reduce fan energy consumption by around 15-20%
  • Insulate ducts to prevent undesireable heat transfer

Ventilation systems also benefit from optimisation by PSG:

  • High efficiency fans and motors with direct drives save significant amounts of energy
  • Variable speed drives enable fan speed to match the required air flow
  • Demand controlled ventilation adjusts outdoor air intake to maintain optimal indoor air quality
  • Preventing over ventilation minimises undesireable heat transfer and humidity
  • Isolating fan motors prevents unwanted heat transfer

Proper maintenance means your ac air conditioning and HVAC system will continue operating at its optimal energy efficiency; maintain occupant comfort, maximise equipment life and minimise component failiures.  Regular maintenance can conserve space conditioning energy use through measures such as:

  • Cleaning of distribution systems (fans, filters and ducts) quarterly
  • Maintaining and regularly tuning all HVAC equipment and sensors
HVAC Upgrades: Modern technology can reduce HVAC energy use by up to 50%.  As a result, buildings can use smaller HVAC systems which consume less energy and water.
Typical Building Energy Consumption

Systems Approach to Air-Conditioning, HVAC & Mechanical Services

We use a systems approach, rather than a component-based approached to designing the Heating, Ventilation, and ac air conditioning (HVAC) units and systems, and consider overall system configuration. PSG Facility Services explicitly design a low load operation strategy, and select chiller sizes and staged- or variable- speed pumps and fans to ensure good part load performance. Most buildings spend the bulk of their operating hours running at less than 50 percent load. Individual chillers usually become less efficient once the load falls below 50 percent. This problem is exacerbated if the chiller is over-sized. Our pumping systems and cooling tower configurations are designed to operate efficiently at low loads. 

In-House Mechanical Engineering of Air-conditioning systems in Melbourne and Perth

Our experienced engineer with the ability to critically use dynamic simulation analysis to select and optimise an appropriate mix of equipment and control strategies to arrive at a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.  We allow for future unknown tenancies by designing flexibility into the system, and not by over-sizing the system.  The distribution pipework and ductwork will allow capacity to be redistributed in future.

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